LINKS: IXPE and General X-ray Astronomy

IXPE Links

Building a New Astronomy Tool is a media story that describes IXPE and its mission. [This link goes to a non-NASA website containing a news story about the IXPE mission.]

News Story About PI Weisskopf and IXPE This link goes to a non-NASA website containing a local (Huntsville, AL) news story about the IXPE mission.

General X-ray Astronomy Links

Chandra X-ray Observatory Field Guide This link goes to an overview of X-ray astronomy and X-ray sources that includes black holes and clusters of galaxies.

Cambridge X-ray Astronomy These pages give an introduction to X-ray Astronomy, but have not been updated since 2005.

XMM-Newton The X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission is an European Space Agency (ESA) mission to study the X-ray universe.

Spinning Neutron Star This image is from the European Space Agency's (ESA) X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission (XMM-Newton). A spinning neutron star has been inferred in data from this telescope. The inset is a light curve of the source, known as 3XMM J004301.4+413017. For more information see Andromeda's Spinning Neutron Star.

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