For Scientists: The Long-Term Plan

This is the current Long-Term Plan (LTP) for IXPE. The Science Advisory Team requested that transient targets be added when and if they become bright. At such time, the LTP will be adjusted, attempting to minimize the impact on the overall plan; however, nothing is guaranteed.

IXPE is telemetry limited for bright sources and this requires that observations be handled slightly differently from the way most X-ray missions operate. If IXPE is observing a bright source that could potentially fill on-board storage, we shall divide the observation into multiple segments.


SG: This is a segment number. If it is zero, then the observation has not been segmented.

Name: This is a common name for the target.

Start: The Year-Month-Day the observation will begin. The observations ends just before the next target begins.

buffer: This is an estimate as to how much data will stll be on the spacecraft when the observation ends in MB. The on-board storage can hold just over 5500 MB and when planning we keep this number below 4000 MB.

SG Name Start buffer
01ES 1959+6502022-06-09 0.0
03C 2792022-06-12 0.0
1Tycho2022-06-18 0.0
0Cyg X-1 (ToO)2022-06-19 826.7
2Tycho2022-06-21 0.0
0BL Lac2022-07-07 0.0
0Mrk 5012022-07-10 0.0
0Circinus galax2022-07-12 0.0
1SN 10062022-07-25 0.0
0GX 301-22022-07-29 0.0
2SN 10062022-08-03 0.0
0X Persei2022-08-19 0.0
0MSH15-522022-08-24 0.0
01RXS J170849.02022-09-19 0.0
0GX9+92022-10-09 2926.8
0GRS 1915+1052022-10-11 2150.8


Plan only covers time up to mid Oct.

Currently the plan does not include observations of IC 4329A and 1ES 0229+200. These will be added when they next become observable.

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